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 Transformation Template and Rules

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PostSubject: Transformation Template and Rules   Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:14 am

Here's the rules,

---No Form is to exceed more than 500 MP. No exceptions. No negotiations.

---No Form may last more 25 of the User's Posts.
When the Form Duration is expended, the last action of that post must be to transform back to "Normal".
Form Duration may not be extended during battle.

---MP Cost is going to reflect the value of abilities, which are also attacks, as well as any Advantages which are not completely counterbalanced by Disadvantages.

---There are two ways to use Abilities.
One:...Either the Ability (attack) is on a cooldown timer (which will cost more for the Form)
Two:...or the attack is paid for per-use by MP.
Forms that require MP for use of the Abilities will cost less, and thus last longer than Forms that have a cooldown timer attached to those abilities.

---Stat adjustments cannot raise ANY ability (Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Speed, Evasion, Accuracy) by more than a factor of 100%, or double.
Also, the defensive abilities (Magic Defense and Physical Def) may not be raised by more than a factor of 50%. Taking half damage is more than sufficient!

Duration Limits:

Only the form user's post counts against this, so yes the form's user has to post 25 times before the weakest of the forms goes out.
I think that plenty fair kids.

up to 120 MP = 25 posts
130 to 220 MP = 20 posts
230 to 320 MP = 15 posts
330 to 420 MP = 10 posts
430 to 500 MP = 5 posts

Will be added in later


Name: Simple enough, what's your form called?

MP: How much MP does it cost to activate this form? Also list how much MP, if any, it takes to stay in this form.

Element: What Element(s) are associated with this Form. The listed Element(s) must be what is listed in the character's template.
Classes: Main and Subclass, please. This includes each class' effects as well.
((This is so that the Staff can know if the Form fits with the expected capabilities of the character. So if you are a mage and make a spell form, it will be stronger than if you are a warrior making a spell form, just like a form that boost your physical attack abilities will only be better for a warrior than for a mage.))

Duration: How long can you remain in the Form? (The number of posts you can keep this form active)

Advantage(s): What benefits does this Form give you? What can you do better while in Form?

Disadvantage(s): What disadvantages do you suffer from when in this Form? What are you less adept at while in Form?

Damage/Effects: What all does the Form do? Describe what the effects look like as well as the damage amounts. Be DESCRIPTIVE! Remember if you do use cooldowns then you must put the cooldown period beside whatever the Spell's name in the Form.

Description: You can either post a picture of what the form looks like, write out a description or both.

Quote :

Form Template



MP Cost:






Damage and Effects:

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Transformation Template and Rules
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