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PostSubject: Class List   Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:04 am

Bard: Of the Magic Users, Bard is unique. They use Instruments of all kinds, as well as their voices, to cast charms on themselves, and curses on their foes. Because it's sound, Bardic Magic is INCREDIBLY difficult to avoid. If attacked, they fight hand to hand, or wield their instruments as weapons. The most talented among them can make sound painful, using music to cause harm.
The Bard's Weapons: Musical Instruments, Knives.
The Bard's Ability: Hide: A Bard can, at any time, cast Invisible on himself. When Hiding, no offensive action may be made. Can be cast freely outside of battle, but, once IN battle, this ability can only be used ONCE per topic.

Beastmaster: Beastmasters are an odd sort. Instead of having powerful weapons, intimidating spells, or nightmarish summons to aid them, Beastmasters have another talent. Unique magic allows them to command plant and beast alike, allowing them to take a command role, or fight alongside their beguiled servants. Because of this mastery, Beastmasters are permitted more pets than normal. ((See Pet Section))
The Beastmaster's Weapons: Knives, Whips, Axes, Scythes, Guns, Musical Instruments
The Beastmaster's Ability: Bolster: Increase the stats of the Pets by 50%

Black Mage: Black Mages are incredible being. Wielding the Elements of the world, a Black Mage can bednt hem to their will, and turn them on their enemies. And, with the power of Darkness in hand, they can cripple foes with horrid, terrifying ailments.
The Black Mage's Weapons: Clubs, Staves, Daggers, Rods
The Black Mage's Ability: Spice: Allows Black Mages to use magic of the Fire, Ice, and Lightning elements, even if those elements are not in their list. In exchange, though, a Black Mage can never use the Light Element. (Applies to spells only.)

Dancer: Dancers are nimble warriors using special dances to cause status effects or damage to enemies on the battle field. However, they use their bodies to do so, dressing and moving provocatively, hiding their attacks in their dance moves. Usually, they wield small cutting weapons. ONLY females can be dancers! Males are "Bards"!
The Dancer's Weapons: Knives, Daggers, Rods or Staffs
The Dancer's Ability: Soul of the Dance: ANY Dance a Dancer performs lasts 7 turns, regardless of approved duration.

Dark Knight: Dark Knights, also known as black knights, were a minority group of knights that refused to serve lords or kings. Instead they either looted and raided, hunted bounties, or lived off the charity from the more humble folk.
Warriors who willingly use the power of Darkness. Like a knight, this class focuses on strength-based attacks, but also uses black magic to harm the enemy, though this leaves its defense low.
The Dark Knight's Weapons: Swords, Scythes, Axes
The Dark Knight's Ability: Souleater: By using their own blood to coat their blades, a Dark Knight can double his attack power for three turns. There is no cooldown on this, but, overuse of this ability can cause severe damage in-combat. The wounds used to fuel the ability cannot be healed by way of magic.

Dragoon: Wielding almost-exclusively Polearms, or Spears, Dragoons are a special class of Warrior. Bonding to a powerful Dragon, Dragoons can invoke their power in battle, using draconic abilities, and possessing an incredible vertical leap.
The Dragoon's Weapons: Polearms, Spears, sometimes Swords
The Dragoon's Ability: Hyper Jump: A Dragoon leaps into the air on the first turn, and remains suspended for a turn. On the third, they descend, dealing an unavoidable attack at 3x the power. Can be performed once every five turns.

Gadgeteer/Machinist: While not usually associated with sheer power, Gadgeteers bring good physical strength, from their machinework. Their weapons are many and varied, but always with a mechanical element. Gadgeteers are extremely gifted with machines, though they may not be the most visually appealing.
The Gadgeteer's Weapons: Spears, Swords, Knives, Guns, Daggers, Knuckle/Claw weapons ((This is a multi weapon use class and qualifies for the extra weapon slot option in creations))
The Gadgeteer's Ability: Limiter Removal: Once every 3 posts, a Gadgeteer can unleash a 3x power attack with a mechanical weapon.

Gunner: Gunners take the battle concepts of the Ranger, and modernize them. Gone are the bows and crossbows, replaced with firearms. The melee weapons they wield are also smaller, stiletto daggers and the like.
The Gunner's Weapons: Guns, Daggers, Swords
The Gunner's Ability: "...Everyone else in the room.": Once every five turns, a Gunner may deploy a powerful explosive round, roughly equivalent to a stick of TNT. (If your second class is another ranged weapon user, Gunner gives a 50% bonus to accuracy)

Monk/Black Belt: Monks are another melee class, with their own talents. They are characterized primarily by their affinity for fighting entirely bare-handed. Monks are known for their weaponless approach to fighting, relying on the way of the fist. Being the most defensive of the six classes, Monks sometimes fight with simple weapons, like staves, knives, or claw equipped gloves, or nothing at all, and are masters of the counterattack. Black belts on the other hand are trained in all forms of weaponry, allowing them mastery over virtually every close and mid range weapon. MONKS AND BLACK BELTS CANNOT USE RANGED WEAPONS!
The Monk's Weapons: Knuckles/Claws, Greaves, Polearms, Nunchaku, Swords, Fans, Cloths, Tonfa, Sai, Ring Blades, Clubs, Stick, Kama, Sickle, Axe, Daggers, Knives
The Monk's Ability: Spirit Well: If the Monk is fighting unarmed, he/she gains a 50% Strength boost. Further, their strikes, when unarmed, are treated as Elemental Weapon strikes, the element being the same as the Monk's Primary element.

Mystic Knight: Mystic Knights are a frightening powerful bunch. Capable of wielding both weapons and spells with frightening skill and strength, there is, literally, nothing they cannot do. They tend to wear armor of some kind; usually, armor that protects well, without being restrictive, and can wield nearly any weapon other knights do.
The Mystic Knight's Weapons: Swords, Scythes, Axes, War hammers, Spears, Staffs, Knives, and Daggers ((This is a multi weapon use class and qualifies for the extra weapon slot option in creations))
The Mystic Knight's Ability: Magic Blade: Mystic Knights may use ANY element for their Weapon Skills, regardless of their Elemental Masteries.

Ninja: Ninja are the antithesis of the Samurai. Wielding smaller-scale katana, as well as knives and ranged weapons, they have no place for Samurai's honor, and use deceit and misdirection as much as their weapons. They are also well known for their thief and stealth abilities
The Ninja's Weapons: Ninja Swords, Daggers, Swords, Katana, Clubs, Knuckles/Claws, Throwing Weapons, Crossbows, Bows, Guns ((Obviously, this Class qualifies for the additional weapon slots in creation))
The Ninja's Ability: Vanish: A Ninja may use the Vanish Spell, free of cost. A Ninja's Vanish lasts 5 turns. (3 post cooldown)

Paladin: Paladins are much like Knights, except for one key difference - they have white magic. The Paladin is a sacred knight, and acts as a counterbalance to the Dark Knight. Paladins equip heavy swords and armor, and use special swords that have been imbued with sacred power. They generally can use basic White Magic spells and they are fearless in battle, protected by faith, and their heavy armor and shields.
The Paladin's Weapons: Swords, Staves
The Paladin's Ability: Smite: Once every three turns, a Paladin can unleash holy power, to deal basic melee damage (determined by the Paladin's Strength) to all enemies.

Pictomancer: Pictmancers are mages with the distinct talent to paint or draw their powers, or even bring their artwork to life to assist them in a battle. Whether it be to cast their spells, to call upon their summons, or to effect the battle field in itself, a Pictomancer can easily be seen as quite a multi talented individual.
The Pictomanger's Weapons: Anything of an artist's supplies.
The Pictomancer's Ability: Due to a Pictomancer's creations normally painted, or drawn, or formed by hand, the texture and solidity of such a casting process gives these spells the strength to last longer than the norm of just energy/mana spells. Therefore, any of the Pictmancer's creations that require a form of "draw casting" process will last an extra 1 post duration free of cost. This goes for spells, weapon skills, and even summons. ((this does not apply to forms))

Ranger: Rangers, contrary to their name, do not wield just bows and crossbows. They also wield small-scale melee weapons, though not with the skill of others. Their strength lies in their versatility, capable of fighting at all ranges.
The Ranger's Weapons: Bows, Crossbows, Axes, Daggers, Thrown Weapons
The Ranger's Ability: Aim: Rangers gain a 50% Accuracy boost, when using a Ranged Weapon. Additionally, every seven posts, a Ranger can launch a 2x power ranged attack. This attack cannot be avoided.

Red Mage: Red Mages are a tricky bunch. They wield swords and wear armor, unlike Black or White Mages. But not with the skill of a Warrior. They can wield both Black and White Magic. Though, they lack the specialty talents of Black and White Mages. The Red Mage is the Jack of all trades, but the master of none. While they lack the might of a more specialized class, they have a world of strategies at their fingertips, and this, more than anything, may be their greatest power.
The Red Mage's Weapons: Swords, Daggers, Clubs, Staves
The Red Mage's Ability: Doublecast: A Red Mage can cast a spell twice in a row, paying the MP for only one casting. If used, the spells must both be cast in the same post. (7 Post Cooldown.)
NOTE!: Doublecasting means the SAME spell casted twice! Not random casting of different spells from your inventory!

Samurai: Japanese-styled fighters who fight primarily with katana. Samurai are a class of swordsman classified as Warrior-Monks. Following a strict warrior code, they hone their abilities to the point of sheer memorization. Using specialized Swords (katana), Polearms (naginata), Clubs (kanabo), as well as bows (Yumi), they can pull off incredible feats.
The Samurai's Weapons: Katana, Swords, Knives, Polearms, Clubs, Bows.
The Samurai's Ability: Shirahadori: A Samurai may dodge ANY attack, flawlessly. (Additionally, the Samurai can counter any melee blow evaded, and, if the Samurai has a ranged weapon, may counter dodged Ranged Attacks with a Ranged attack of their own. This counter cannot be avoided, and deals 2x normal damage. (4 post cooldown)

Sky Pirate: Sky Pirates are adventurers who devote their lives to traveling the world on airships. Though some are adventurous bandits, others are simply working-class airship crew members. Some people dream of and aspire toward becoming sky pirates in order to escape the trapped existence many lead. A Sky Pirate's life is a life of freedom, and of wealth.
The Sky Pirate's Weapons: Swords, Daggers/Knives, Spears, Guns, Bows, Crossbows, Throwing Weapons ((This is a multi weapon use class and qualifies for the extra weapon slot option in creations))
Sky Pirates start with an airship at start, or whenever they so choose
The Sky Pirate's Ability: Safeguard: A Sky Pirate's stats cannot be lowered. Additionally, their equipment cannot be damaged or stolen, by any means (Class Abilities that do these things will still succeed.).

Summoner: Summoners are about average in all pursuits. They lack the weapon talent of melee classes, the accuracy of ranged classes, and the spell pool of Mages. However, they are capable of calling Summoned Beasts, the power of which is staggering compared to those of others. Because of this, they command both respect AND fear.
The Summoner's Weapons: Rods, Staves, Knives
The Summoner's Ability: Chant: Once per topic, double the duration of a Summon

Thief: Thieves, while not terribly strong in battle, have speed and agility on their side, as well as cunning. Using any means necessary, including theft, they deceive the enemy, and attack ruthlessly. They tend to wield small, quick weapons. Also, more often than not, they're cute, especially those with tails.
The Theif's Weapons: Short swords, Knives, sometimes Boomerangs
The Theif's Ability: Steal: Thieves may steal any one weapon, without fail. This can be done as many times as they like, but they may only have one stolen weapon at a time. A Thief may use a stolen weapon, regardless of what it is. Further, if the stolen weapon is not too heavy, a Thief may dual-wield it with his/her current weapon.

Warrior/Knight: NOT to be assumed Dark Knights, Paladins, or Mystic Knights....Warriors/Knights are the bread-and-butter of a group, yet they weild all manner of melee weapons and their talents are many and varied, leading them to have a wide array of weapon proficiencies, ALTHOUGH it prevents them from true specialization to certain weapons OR certain magic alignments
The Warrior's Weapons: Swords, Axes, War hammers, Spears, Staffs, Knives, and Daggers ((This is a multi weapon use class and qualifies for the extra weapon slot option in creations))
The Warrior's Ability: Pierce: When a Warrior/Knight attacks, it does not take into account defense boosts from spells. When this ability is activated, it is a successful strike that cannot be dodged or blocked. Thus a 3 post cool down is required in-between use of this ability.

White Mage: White Mages are the counterpart of the Black Mage. Wielding divine light, White Mages scathe the enemy with Holy magic, while healing their allies. This same Holy magic can be used to weave spells of protection for their allies.
The White Mage's Weapons: Clubs, Staves, Rods
The White Mage's Ability: Blessed Incense: Increases the efficacy of Light-Elemental Spells (Including Healing Spells) by 50%
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Class List
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